During the summer, cooling expenses become one of the highest utility bills within a household. Before the Florida heat returns this summer, take control of your bills by properly getting your air conditioning system maintenanced.

With proper routine maintenance, especially before the summer, your air conditioning system will become increasingly reliable, operate more efficiently,and your utility costs will decrease. At Environmental Air Conditioning (EAC), we offer preventative maintenance check ups to keep you comfortable during a hot Jacksonville summer. 

For this article, our team at EAC shares some helpful tips on how you can save money on your utility bills this summer: 

  • Consult our team of HVAC specialists for maintenance before replacing your air conditioning unit. Your unit may just need to be cleaned or have pieces replaced, which is much more affordable than replacing the entire system. 
  • Replace your filters every month in your AC unit to keep it properly working year-round. This will cause less energy to be wasted and your bills will go down. 
  • Check for clogs in your unit’s condensation pipe and make sure it is draining properly. If you are unsure of what this pipe is, let an HVAC technician check it for you. A clear pipe prevents a big repair bill from occurring down the road. 
  • Install a smart/programmable thermostat for your cooling system. A smart/programmable thermostat will help you reduce energy when it is not needed or while you are away.
  • Check the coils on the outside of the AC unit and make sure they are clear of dust, mud, and other debris, especially if it is not covered. A dirty AC unit will cause the system to have to waste energy while having towork and slower. You may need to hose down your AC unit, clean it with a commercial AC cleaner, or hire an HVAC specialist to clean the unit for you. 
  • Check metal fins, like the coils, to make sure they are clean and free of debris. If any of your fins are bent, our team at EAC can help straighten the fins for you. You can clean the fins with a soft brush or we can clean it for you. 
  • Check that the concrete slab that your AC unit is on is level. If the slab is not level, it can cause problems inside your AC unit and interfere with its output and performance. You can place gravel under the slab to level it out or contact our team of professionals to level the slab out for you. 
  • Clear debris (leaves, grass, plants) away from the unit. If anything is near or on the unit, it can reduce your cooling system’s performance and cause damage. You will want to clear the area around your AC unit about once a month before and during the summer. 


Looking for AC Maintenance in Jacksonville? 

If you’re looking to lower your utility bills this summer, follow the tips above to properly care for your cooling system or you can call our team at EAC to properly maintain your HVAC unit throughout the year. 

Why not reduce your costs? AC maintenance is the smart way to go! You can rely on us to deliver high quality and skilled AC  maintenance services in Jacksonville, Florida. If your system has been properly maintained and your bills are still high, you may need to replace your HVAC unit with a newer, energy-efficient unit which we can easily install for you. Our experienced AC technicians can discuss your usage needs and patterns to suggest a maintenance plan or a better unit for your home or property. 

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