Air conditioning systems are made up of a lot of different parts and variables. If even one part malfunctions it can compromise the entire system causing it to work less efficiently or not work at all, which can be brutal during a Jacksonville summer. 


Being in Florida, Jacksonville residents are often using their AC units throughout the year due to high temperatures and humidity. Since our AC unit’s are being used so frequently, it is critical to get the problems diagnosed and repaired quickly before a bigger issue occurs. 


At Environmental Air Conditioning Services (EAC), we have seen our fair share of AC problems. Below are some common AC problems and how to fix them. Please note: while these do-it-yourself inspections are often easy fixes, a professional inspection is always recommended.

  • If your AC is constantly running, you may have a thermostat issue. Your thermostat could be incorrectly measuring the temperature of the room and/or telling the AC to stay on even if it shouldn’t. The first step you should take is to make sure your thermostat is programmed to “Auto.” If auto is already selected, you can try fixing this by replacing your thermostat to ensure your AC turns on only when necessary. 
  • If your AC freezes up, it is likely low on refrigerant or has a clogged filter. You can resolve this issue by balancing the refrigerant levels and/or cleaning the filter. 
  • If your AC is blowing out lukewarm or hot air, you likely have a low refrigerant level. Check for leaks to see why your refrigerant level is low and refill the refrigerant if there is no leak. You also will want to check if the unit’s compressor is working. If there isn’t enough refrigerant, the compressor will become hot and seize.
  • If your AC is leaking, check the drain line and make sure it is not clogged with dirt or debris. 
  • If your AC motor won’t start or is dead, try inspecting the breaker and fuses. 
  • If your AC won’t run efficiently, check the capacitors, which power the compressor and fans. If the capacitors burn out, the motor won’t keep working in the AC unit. 

These are just a few of the many common problems that can arise with AC units. If your AC is exhibiting any of the above-mentioned problems, our qualified HVAC experts can come to your home or property, check out your unit, diagnose the problem, and let you know what repairs are needed or if your unit needs to be replaced. 


Looking for AC Maintenance in Jacksonville?

Before the most brutally hot days of summer arrive, make sure your AC is running efficiently. If you are unsure about the condition of your AC unit, our team at EAC can inspect your unit and let you know if it is working smoothly and efficiently. 


Why not reduce your costs? Maintenance is the smart way to go! You can rely on us to deliver high quality and skilled AC maintenance services in Jacksonville. With our maintenance services and agreements, you will never have to worry about your systems again – leave it to us! Our experienced AC maintenance technicians can discuss your usage needs and patterns to suggest a maintenance plan or a better unit for your home or property. 


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If you need air conditioning maintenance for your home or property, look no further than Environmental Air Conditioning Services. We service all brands. Contact us for more information at 904-279-0030 for 24/7 emergency service, or make a Jacksonville AC service request or estimate online.



We do not recommend you make any repairs to your HVAC system if the system is under warranty or if you don’t have experience. Discharging refrigerants in the air is illegal.