It’s summer in Florida, which means your AC is essential. You could even call it your best friend. With a properly working AC, you can live and sleep comfortably in home, even during those scorching-hot days outside. You may think your AC is running correctly, but while your AC could be on and running, it may not be running effectively, which could not leave your home as comfortable and cost you more.

Your AC will start to let you know when it’s having issues, all you must do is listen! Air conditioners can make a variety of noises that can indicate trouble. Pay attention to your AC throughout the day and take note of what noises it makes and how often.  

At Environmental Air Conditioning Services (EAC), we offer preventative maintenance and ongoing maintenance for your cooling systems. Our team of HVAC specialists at EAC wanted to share with you the different types of sounds an AC can make,what they could mean and when you should call us for help.  

Hissing – Does your AC emit a hissing noise as the cool air comes out? Has this hiss become more frequent and louder? Is there more hissing than cool air coming out? This could mean you have a clogged filter or a refrigerant leak.  

Screeching and/or screaming – Does it sound like your AC is screaming for help? That’s because it is! If your AC sounds like it’s screeching or screaming, there’s likely a loose fan blade or a worn-out blower motor belt.  

Rattling – Do you hear rattling coming from your AC? Rattling could be a sign of a leak in your ductwork. Usually, there is a rattling noise before a full-on tear in the ductwork occurs. Rattling can also indicate a loose part that could eventually break off, which could cause damage.  

Buzzing and/or humming – If you’ve heard a prolonged or loud buzzing or humming sound from your AC that doesn’t sound quite right, there could be a problem with electrical components.  

Being a machine, noises are natural; however, certain noises, like those listed above, can be concerning and you shouldn’t ignore them. If you ignore certain noises, your AC unit will likely experience more damage and will end up costing you more money and be harder to fix, which means you’ll be uncomfortable in more ways than one this summer!

Looking for AC Repair in Jacksonville?

Since it’s hot and humid outside, it’s in your best interest to make sure your AC is working properly. Our HVAC experts at EAC can properly maintain your AC unit for you throughout the year, as well as repair any issues that pop up.  

Our maintenance services will help save you big money in the long run. Why not reduce your costs? Maintenance is the smart way to go! You can rely on us to deliver high quality and skilled maintenance HVAC services in Jacksonville. 

Our experienced HVAC technicians can discuss your usage needs and patterns to both suggest a maintenance plan or a better unit for your home or property.  

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If you need air conditioning for your home or property, look no further than Environmental Air Conditioning Services. We service all brands. 

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