Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Getting A Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

If your closets, pantry or cabinets are overflowing with wine bottles, it’s probably time to consider a wine cellar cooling unit. Not only do they offer ample storage space for your wine collection, but they promote the best atmosphere to preserve the quality of your wine. Environmental Air Conditioning Services (EAC) offers installation and maintenance for wine refrigeration equipment, ensuring that your collection is well-protected and fits perfectly in your home.

Do You Need A Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

You don’t necessarily have to be a wine connoisseur to have a wine cellar cooling unit. Anybody looking for a space to store their wine, or anyone interested in preserving the quality of their wine, can benefit from a cooling unit.

Benefits of Having a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Unless you really enjoy the cold, chances are your home isn’t kept at 55ºF. However, this is the optimal temperature for wine. Too low, the wine won’t age; too high, the wine will cook. A wine cellar cooling unit keeps your wine at the optimal temperature (and humidity) so that it does not deteriorate in quality. You can enjoy better, higher-quality wine while saving that precious pantry space.

Refrigeration Unit Maintenance

Installing a wine cellar cooling unit is just the first step to taking care of your wine. It’s important to have your unit inspected and maintained at least twice a year. A proper maintenance check will include:

  • Temperatures
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Air filters
  • Equipment pressure

Because of its corrosive nature, wine can release acidity into the air that negatively impacts the refrigeration system. Regular maintenance can ensure that your system is functioning properly and help address any issues as soon as possible, saving you time and money in the long-run.

Environmental Air Conditioning Services

When having a wine cellar cooling unit installed or maintained, it’s essential that you work with a high-quality team that will perform the best job possible. EAC is not your average AC company–we cater to all sorts of residences, including large homes with multiple units. We can install, maintain and repair all types of wine cellar refrigeration equipment, including:

  • Through-the wall-system
  • Split system
  • Fully ducted system

The type of refrigeration unit you get depends on your individual needs. Those looking for a simple or affordable option might prefer a through-the-wall system, which is situated between wall studs. Since these units can be noisy, they’re better for people who plan to store wine in basements or unused rooms. If noise is an issue, you might prefer a quiet-running split system. The final option is a ducted system, which can be placed 25 ducted feet away from the cellar.

No matter what your needs are, EAC can meet them. We work with a wide range of units and clients, guaranteeing proper installation and regular maintenance to ensure that your system is functioning efficiently. Contact us now for your wine cellar cooling unit needs!